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 I shoot/own a Sony FX6 4K camera, along with a good selection of lighting, lenses, and sound equipment. My rates are competitive and bespoke to each job depending on equipment.

Sony ILME-FX6 4K Full Frame Camera

Sony A7 IV Camera

5' Atomos Shinobi SDI Monitor

Miller Arrow 25/Solo tripod

Lapel radio/wired-mic, interview kit

Boom-mic Sennheiser ME66

DJI Ronin RS2 Pro

iFootage Motorised slider 

DJI drone Mini 3 Pro

Dedolight, 3 heads 150w

 Aputure 600d with accessories

5' Atomos Shinobi SDI Monitor

Hague DT5 Tracking Dolly Kit

Sony 28-135 T4 standard zoom

Tamron 28-75 f2.8

Samyang Cine Primes: 14,28,35,50mm T1.5

Nikon Primes kit: 28,35,50,85mm f1.8/2

Matte Box with basic filter kit

Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 fisheye lens

Mac Book Pro/Imac

Final Cut Pro X

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